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Past Conferences

  • 2023
    Tianjin, China
    Aachen, Germany
  • 2021
    Oslo, Norway
  • 2019
    Changsa, China
  • 2017
    Taiwan, China
    Lublin, Poland
  • 2015
    Boulder, CO
    Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  • 2012
    Brisbane, Australia
  • 2009
    Syracuse, New York
  • 2006
    Lisbon, Portugal
  • 2003
  • 2000
    Helsinki, Finland
  • 1997
    Bethesda, Maryland
  • 1995
    Milan, Italy
  • 1994
    Budapest, Hungary
  • 1991
    Washington, DC
  • 1988
    Stockholm, Sweden

Healthy Buildings


The first Healthy Buildings conference was held in Stockholm, in 1988, supported by the CIB, and co-sponsored by ASHRAE and the WHO. After the successful first conferences, the International Society for Indoor Air Quality (ISIAQ) was founded in 1992. Since then, Healthy Buildings conferences have been organized every two years by the scientific community in addition to the globally organized Indoor Air conference series. The conferences are hosted alternately so that the outreach to the scientific community is enhanced. Even though other “Healthy Buildings” franchises have appeared ever since the ISIAQ continues to host the original series. The Indoor Air conference series mainly focuses on science, while the Healthy Buildings conference series addresses both science and the transfer to practice, simultaneously. Furthermore, Healthy Buildings allows for addressing specific issues solely related to a geographical region. Based on this, Healthy Buildings conferences do not only attract researchers but also practitioners of various professional backgrounds, including manufacturers, hygienists, facility managers, real estate owners, building product suppliers, and many more!

Healthy Buildings 2025 is the first ISIAQ-related purely focused on Indoor Air and climate-oriented conference in INDIA.

The International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate, ISIAQ, was founded in 1992 by 109 international scientists and practitioners. It is an international, independent, multidisciplinary, scientific, non-profit organization whose purpose is to support the creation of healthy, comfortable and productivity-encouraging indoor environments.

As a Society, our main objective is to actively promote international and interdisciplinary communication and the exchange of valuable information pertaining to the indoor environment, indoor air, climate, science, and health. We do so by diligently publishing and encouraging the publication of research and studies in the field. Moreover, we take great pride in organizing, sponsoring, and supporting various initiatives like meetings, conferences, and seminars, all dedicated to shedding light on the importance of indoor air quality and climate. In addition, we remain committed to developing, adapting, and maintaining guidelines that serve as a blueprint for enhancing indoor air quality and ensuring a healthy indoor environment. Furthermore, our dedication to this cause extends to our collaboration with government bodies, agencies, and other societies that share a common interest in the well-being of the indoor environment and the impact it has on human health. By working together, we strive to create a cleaner and healthier indoor environment for all.

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The Infection Control Academy of India (IFCAI), is a leading not-for-profit organization in India that is committed to promoting infection prevention and control. Established in 2016, IFCAI has provided best-in-class infection prevention and control (IPC) training and education for healthcare professionals worldwide, focusing on low-resource settings.

IFCAI mission is simple – build the robust capacity of infection preventionists democratizing knowledge sharing about infectious diseases. Through a vast network of professional collaborators and community engagement, we envisage that critical mass can be reached more quickly and effectively when preventing infection spread. To this end, we work with other organizations who share our purpose as well as leverage global resources towards making change faster than ever before. Additionally, facilitates ecosystems and policy guidelines aiming to create an infection-free healthcare system within India and other LMICs.

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Air Indoor Assessment Pvt Ltd ( AIAPL ) is an organization created to provide research and fact-based knowledge on indoor air, the environment and its quality. The alarming rate of hazardous pollutants is a big concern in most of the Indian metros and so is the spreading of various contagious diseases through the microbes present inside hospitals, schools, public places, offices and other buildings etc. There are so many hidden factors that contribute to indoor air pollution which always go unnoticed because air is not related to any single department's concern, it is of everyone's and must be addressed collectively.

In AIAPL, we assess the quality of air inside an area. We do a real-time assessment of various parameters to have clear information about the actual quality of indoor air & environment and provide an evidence-based detailed report. We provide customized solutions/consultations as per the area assessed. Our documentation allows the customer to make environmental management a sustainable part of their regular operations. It is through our level of commitment and competence that customers can be sure that their workplace, house, building or whatever place they reside in is completely safe in terms of the air quality they breathe in.

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Organizing Committee

Prof. Ranga Reddy Burri

Honorary President

Dr Reddy is a Physician, Public Health Policy Advisor, Academician, and Social Entrepreneur. He is an Honorary Professor at the University of Hyderabad and an Adjunct Professor at the Public Health Foundation of India.
His work focuses on public health awareness, education, and training. He is committed to improving Infection Prevention practices and patient safety in India and other low-resource settings. He was trained in the fields of medicine, management, public health and health at several prestigious universities including Minsk State Medical Institute, Pondichery University, IESE Business School, Washington University and Calgary University

Vinod Kumar Sekar


ISIAQ member since 2016. Served as ISIAQ conference selection committee member. Pursuing a Doctorate in microbiology. Director of Airindoor Assessment Pvt Ltd has 15 years of experience in Indoor air and environmental quality audits and training. Involved in research and product developments to control indoor air and environmental microbial load. Member of R&D in LM laborites in India, Nepal BioScience Research Laboratory in Nepal and Bedair Ltd, UK.

BK Prakasha


An ISIAQ member since 2016. He is an OSHAS and microbial contamination source-finding expert. He mainly works with pharma manufacturers and corporates to improve indoor environmental quality. He attended Indoor Air 2016 & 2022 also HB 2017.